Visual Artificial Insemination Gun Kit SC-AG01


Our Visual Artificial Insemination Gun Kit combines cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features to revolutionize the insemination process. Trust this advanced solution for accurate delivery, seamless documentation, and enhanced functionality.

  1. Precision Delivery: Easily locate and target the uterus with the help of the integrated display screen. Ensure accurate semen delivery directly into the uterus for optimal results.
  2. HD Recording and Imaging: Capture and store your procedures effortlessly with the 4.3-inch HD display screen. Record videos and take photographs from multiple angles, facilitating convenient observation and documentation.
  3. Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery boasting 2000 milliamperes, enjoy 4.5 hours of uninterrupted operation. The battery level indicator keeps you informed, ensuring you’re always ready for the task at hand.
  4. Imported High Definition Endoscope: Benefit from the superior quality of a 3.9mm endoscope sourced from Taiwan. Expect exceptional clarity and precision during the insemination process.
  5. Enhanced Functionalities: Experience added convenience with built-in features like heating, vibration, and blowing. These functions further aid in optimizing the insemination procedure for improved results.
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  1. Please charge for the first time for 5 hours after receiving the product (2000ma internal battery);
  2. Connect the display with the video line of the endoscope handle before use;
  3. Wipe and disinfect the stainless steel part of the endoscope of the insemination gun, and set up a disposable protective sleeve;
  4. Open the display OK boot key for three seconds; Endoscope LED and Heating Start;
  5. The endoscope rod and the protective sleeve are inserted into the vaginal opening of the animal from bottom to top and then horizontally and slowly inserted to find the position of the uterus;
  6. Slowly insert the insemination gun head into the uterus after finding the position of the uterus;
  7. In order to relieve animal uneasiness and increase animal mating interest, the vibration switch can be turned on.
  8. After the semen is delivered to the uterus, the insemination endoscope is extracted according to the actual insemination requirement.