SE-02 Portable Veterinary Endoscope


  • Portable
  • Easy to learn, simple training 5 minutes can start the procedure
  • The most cost-effective and inexpensive 4-way endoscope.
  • It costs approximately 10% of the price of an Ovation Gastroscope, but 60% of the performance.
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SE-02 veterinary specialized gastroenteroscopy is suitable for removing foreign objects and examining the stomach and duodenum of animals.


  1. High Quality Image—1,000,000Pixel
  2. Independent Water & Air Supply Nozzle
  3. Easy to clean the lens at any time
  4. 1200mm working length
  5. 360° sensitive universal steering
  6. Intelligent Compabilility—Support Android/IOS Phone/Tablet/Computer(Optional)
  7. Small OD, large channel—OD:5.8mm; ID:2.0mm, meet the demands of clinical diagnosis and treatment
  8. Gun style handle—Reduce operational difficulty and surgical time

Standard equipment: endoscope, mobile phone holder, data cable, two-claw foreign body forceps, three-claw foreign body forceps, mesh bag foreign body forceps, cleaning brush, Y-shaped three-way valve, air blowing bag (matched with Luer connector), injection syringe, instrument packaging bags.