SE-01 Portable Veterinary Endoscope


  • Portable
  • Easy to learn, simple training 5 minutes can start the procedure
  • The most cost-effective and inexpensive 4-way endoscope.
  • It costs approximately 10% of the price of an Ovation Gastroscope, but 60% of the performance.
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The product is intended for lung lavage, airway foreign body clamping, respiratory endoscopy, biopsy, and minimally invasive surgery in animals, and horses and cows for uterine examination.


High Quality Image—1,000,000Pixel
360° sensi tive universal steering
Intellgient Compabilility—Support Android/IOS Phone/Tablet/Computer(Optional)
Small OD, large channel—OD:5.8mm; ID:2.0mm, meet the demands of clinical diagnosis and treatment
Gun style handle—Reduce operational difficulty and surgical time

Standard: endoscope, mobile phone holder, data cable, two-claw foreign body forceps, cleaning brush, y-shaped three-way valve, blow airbag (matching Luer connector), injection needle, instrument packaging bag.