SC8000 Handheld ultrasound

  1. Full-screen image supports 80 array element probe
  2. Gestational sac mode and universal mode are easier to operate
  3. Supports real-time back fat measurement, display accuracy is 0.1mm
  4. Grid function-image quality greatly improved
  5. Increased storage capacity – from 60 pcs to 166 pcs
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Probe Convex probe Linear Rectal Probe Displayed Depth 90-240 mm 60-130 mm
Backfat measurement range: ≤45 mm
Display modes:B、BB、4B、BM、M
False color:8
Character color:3
Image permanent storage:166
Battery:11.1 V
Monitor size:5.6inch,800*600
Power adapter Output: DC 14V/3A
Power Consumption N-charge: 7W