SC8 Smart Wireless Small & Large Animal Ultrasound System


It can clearly detect the pregnancy about 28 days after mating, and can clearly distinguish the state of the ovaries and uterus animals, which is convenient for the treatment of infertile.

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Technical Parameters

  • Pseudo-color high-definition imaging
  • Scanning mode: B/2B/BM
  • Variable frequency 128 element high sensitivity probe
  • Depth gear: 8 gears adjustable (2-10cm)
  • Image enhancement: 1-8 levels adjustable
  • Movie playback: 200 frames, format mp4
  • Video storage: forward screen recording (30 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes optional)
  • Support multi-fetal measurement, obstetrical measurement report, animal body mark
  • Support multiple measurements of backfat thickness, eye muscle area, and eye muscle thickness
  • Support distance, perimeter, angle, area, and volume measurement
  • Support animal database management
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
  • Host size: 125*45*30mm
  • Machine weight: 300g (excluding tablet computer)
  • Full touch control of mobile phone or tablet, supporting landscape and portrait modes
  • Animal Information: ear tag, gender, weight, age, parity, remarks;
  • Support Hongmeng, Android, and Windows systems
  • Support camera and ultrasound imaging synchronous video storage


Product Advantages

  1. It can clearly detect the pregnancy of cows about 28 days after mating, and can clearly distinguish the state of the ovaries and uterus of cows, which is convenient for the treatment of infertile cows.
  2. Use type-C to connect to mobile phones, tablets, and computers for display, the image is stable without delay, the display screen is high in fineness, the screen brightness is high, and it is clearly legible under sunlight;
  3. Lightweight design, weighing only 300g, convenient for long-term use;
  4. Large memory capacity can save pictures, and can save 5 minutes of detection video at a time;
  5. Support editing the animal ear number, and save pictures and videos to the corresponding ear number, which is convenient for data retention and viewing;
  6. Remote images can be shared in real-time, and pictures and videos can be sent back to the computer through the network, which is convenient for statistical management.
  7. Wireless video glasses with the same screen can be selected to facilitate the inspection of large quantities of cattle.
  8. Touch screen operation, easy to use, in line with operating habits, easy to learn;
  9. The B-ultrasound does not need to be charged separately, and the power consumption is low. The tablet computer can be used for 5-6 hours at a time when it is fully charged;
  10. It can be connected to Android and Huawei Hongmeng mobile phones;
  11. Built-in electronic version of the instruction manual, which can be consulted at any time;