Syringe Pump SC-SP50


SC-SP50 Syringe Pump works both on battery and AC/or DC power supply, which is perfectly adapted for human and veterinary use. Our multi-function syringe pump brings precision, ease of use, safety, and versatility to your day-to-day fluid therapy requirements.

  • Automatic recognition of syringe sizes (5,10,20,30 and 50/60), syringe brand name editable
  • 3-inch color touch screen, parameter setting, and editing directly
  • Multi-function operation with 4 modes: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Body-weight mode
  • Micro Mode – friendly design for little loved ones
  • Flow rates range from 0.1ml/h to 1,500ml/h with increments of 0.01ml/h
  • Double CPU for increased safety, More than 15 types of dose rate unit
  • IrDA, Wifi, Nurse Call, RS232, data export, etc
  • Historic record of more than 5000 entries
  • Standard: 5.5 hours; Optional: 11 hours (@5ml/h)
  • IP34 waterproof, handle included, and inter-lockable design
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Specifications and Functions
Dimension 242*126*111
Weight Approx.1.7kg
Display 4.3-inch color touch screen
Syringe sizes 5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50/60ml; Automatic recognition
Flow rate accuracy ±2%
Flow rate 0.1-1500 ml/h(depending on syringe size, with increment 0.01ml/h)
VTBI 0-9999.99 ml
Dose rate units More than 15 types
Concentration calculate Automatically
Bolus setting Manual bolus Programmable bolus
KVO rate 0.1-5.0 ml/h
Infusion modes 3 infusion modes

(Rate mode, Time mode, Body-weight mode)

Handle Included
Drug library No less than 30
Purge Yes
Titration Yes
Micro mode Yes
Standby mode Yes
Screen lock Yes
Occlusion levels 3 levels
Anti-bolus Automatically
Records More than 5000 entries


VTBI near end, VTBl infused, Pressure high,

Battery nearly empty, Battery empty, No power supply,

Reminder alarm, KVO finished, Check syringe, Syringe empty, Standby time expired, System error

Power supply AC:100V-240V,50/60HzDC:12V
Battery life Standard: 5.5 hours; Optional: 11 hours(@5ml/h)
Charging time <5  hours
Classification Class l, CF
IP Level IP34
IrDA Optional
Data interface USB
Wireless WiFi(optional)
DC input Yes
RS232 Supported
Nurse call Supported