Manual Multifunctional Lift Transfer Bedside Commode Chair

With a manual height adjustable transfer shower commode chair, caregivers can transfer users between the toilet bowl, bed, and sofa.  It is easy, safe, and secure with a surround frame.  The 180-degree swing seat and low clearance base allow users to transfer in and out of the chair easily. This chair can also be used as a wheelchair.

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1. Made of High-Strength Steel structure, Solid and Durable, has a maximum load-bearing of 100KG, equipped with a medical-class mute

2. Equipped with the dismountable bedpan, convenient to go out, with no dragging, and easy replacement.

3. Wide range of height adjustable, applicable to many scenarios.

4. Can stored under the bed or sofa which needs a space of 12CM height, which will save effort and be convenient.

5. Can open and close to 180 degrees from the back, is convenient to get in and out, saves effort to lift up, is handled easily by one person, and reduces nursing difficulty. The seat belt can prevent forsakes or falling down.

6. The drive system consists of a lead screw and chain wheel, output stability, and everlasting power. The four-wheel brake design makes
the product is safe and reliable.

7. The chair height adjusting range is 38CM-58CM. The whole chair adopts a waterproof design, convenient for toilets and taking a shower. Move flexible, convenient places to dine.

8. Foldable rocking handles can save space, and easily pass through the door in 60CM width. Quick assembly design.


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