Infusion Pump SC-IP01

  • Double CPU: Safer Infusion
  • Numeric Keypad: User Friendly
  • Big Brightness LCD: Display Visually
  • 3000mAh Lithium Battery: Backup Life:≥ 10 hours
  • Occlusion, Air-in-Line, AudioVisual Alarm Volume:10 settings
  • Occlusion pressure release function: Especially good for the small vet
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Item Technical Parameter
Infusion Mode Volume  Mode、Time  Mode、Drug  Mode、Night  Mode、Bolus  Mode
Rate Unit ml/h、volume/time、d/min
IV Sets Standard single use IV sets(10、15、20、60d/mL,with diameter 3.4~4.5mm)
Flow Rate 1.0ml/h~1200ml/h、1.0d/min~400d/min
Increment 1.0-100ml/h with 0.1ml/h; 100-1200ml/h with 1ml/h
Deviation Flow  Rate:≤±5%(after  calibration)
VTBI 0.1~9999.9 ml
Total  Volume 0~9999.9 ml
Time 1min~   99h59min
Purge  Rate 600ml/h, displaying purge volume
KVO 0.1   ml/h~5ml/h,adjustable
Keypad Numeric Keypad, user friendly
BOLUS Bolus function available, flow rate adjustable.
Night  Mode Night Mode, No operation for 5mins, LCD brightness lower automatically.
Occlusion Pressure


Occlusion pressure detection,40~140KPa,0~9levels adjustable, dynamic pressure value display.
Air bubble Detection Ultrasonic detection,≥50μL,Single bubble volume: 50~300μl,0~9levels adjustable.
Volume 1~10levels adjustable
Motor Anti-reverse Function Anti-reverse function to prevent upstream
IV Set Open System.Can accept all kinds of IV Sets after calibration
Self-Testing Self-Testing when start-up and during infusing

Audio Visual

Alarm  Message

Air bubble, downstream occlusion, door open, infusion finish, standby time expired, battery

low, battery empty, battery disengaged, AC Power disengaged, motor error, pump error, pressure sensor error, parameter error, system abnormal.

Screen 3.2’brightness  LCD
Power   Supply AC:100V~240V,50Hz/60Hz,≤25VA
Battery Rechargeable   Lithium   battery:   DC11.1V,3000mAh;operating

@25ml/h,   displaying the remaining  battery

time:≥10   hours
Operation  Condition Temperature:5°C~40℃,Relative  humidity:20%~90%,Atmospheric  pressure:70~106KPa
Transportation & Storage Temperature:-20℃~55℃,Relative  humidity:10%~90% Atmospheric  pressure:70~106KPa
Classification Type  CF,Class  I,IPX3,ISO13485,CE,IEC60601
Dimension 150mm×10mm×210mm;
Weight 1.7kg